Cleveland Vibrator Company
Trial/Rental Policy
Policy for Fabricated Equipment
Should it not be practical to provide test samples to CVC for evaluation, CVC can provide for trial/rental equipment to be sent to the job site. It is not the intention of our trial/rental policy to provide the specific piece of equipment required by the application, but to simply prove the principle that the application can be successfully handled by CVC. Consequently, the trial/rental unit may not be the exact size or configuration that is finally proposed. Trial/rental equipment can be provided, subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • Equipment will be provided subject to availability and prior commitment.
  • All freight charges to and from the customer's plant are to be charged to the customer's account.
  • No modifications to the equipment may be made by the customer without prior written agreement from CVC and will be subject to additional charges for CVC to return the unit to its original condition.
  • Should a customer require special modifications be made by CVC (prior to sending out) to a standard trial unit, charges will be on a time and material basis. This modification charge will be in addition to the standard rental fee.
  • Rental fees will be charged based on how long the unit is kept by the customer. Rental charges begin one week after the equipment leaves our plant and conclude one week prior to receipt back at our plant to allow for transportation time.
Rental Fees (Not HyBrute Series)
First two weeks in customer's plant$200.00/week
Third and fourth week in customer's plant$400.00/week
Fifth and sixth week in customer's plant$500.00/week
After seven weeksFull value of equipment
HyBrute Series Rental Fees
First two weeks in customer's plant$250.00/week
Third and fourth week in customer's plant$500.00/week
Fifth and sixth week in customer's plant$600.00/week
After seven weeksFull value of equipment
Trial/rental customer will provide CVC with a purchase order acknowledging agreement to all trial/rental terms and accepting responsibility for any and all damage done to the equipment.
Should CVC be favored with an order for a piece of production equipment as a result of a trial/rental test, part or all of the rental fee may be refunded.
HyBrute Screener w/Ultrasonics