Cleveland Vibrator Company
Air-Powered Vibrators
General Description
Air-piston vibrators are most commonly used as discharge flow aids on bins, hoppers and chutes. They also provide more specific services primarily in the chemical, foundry and concrete industries. (Please fill out inquiry sheet or refer to our sizing chart for help in recommending a vibrator for your specific application.)
Additionally, air-piston vibrators have been used successfully as drives for vibratory equipment. This would include vibrating feeders, screeners, conveyors, tables and bowl feeders, as well as other vibratory equipment. Their ease of attachment and linear force output also make them useful for a wide variety of other applications.
  • All units come with mounting hardware and port protectors or mufflers where needed.
  • Body made of alloy steel or ductile iron.
  • Honed to precision tolerances.
  • Many are incorporated with enough additional material for re-boring up to two times and refitted with an oversized piston for repair.
  • Pistons are hardened using a nitrofusion process for longer wear resistance, better corrosion resistance, no distortion, improved fatigue strength and excellent sliding properties.
  • Clean, dry lubricated compressed air. (Where lubrication is not possible, or under extreme temperature conditions, we can provide special coating.)
  • Quick-acting valve to start and stop (manual, hand, knee or foot activated). The valve should be located within 10 feet of the vibrator.
  • Filter, regulator, lubricator control. (A lubricator is not required for specially coated vibrators.)
  • In hazardous areas vibrators must be activated by a proper explosion-proof valve to ensure safe operation.
Options and Accessories
  • Air-cushioned versions for quieter operation; no metal-to-metal contact
  • Special coatings for non-lubricated applications
  • SN solenoid valve
  • QN quick disconnect valve
  • J knee valve
  • Recycle timers
  • Swivel connections
  • Railroad cart for easier lifting of railcar vibrators
  • Hose with fittings
  • Mounting channels
  • FRL (filter, regulator, lubricator)