Cleveland Vibrator Company
Air-Powered Ball Vibrators
General Description
The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a wide range of ball vibrators designed to keep stubborn material flowing. These vibrators are powered by dry, compressed air. They produce a centrifugal force which makes them ideal for a number of applications.
Ball vibrators are commonly used as discharge flow aids on small- to medium-size bins, hoppers, and chutes. They are used in a variety of applications within the chemical, foundry and concrete industries.
  • High quality ductile iron housing.
  • Bodies designed to quickly and easily mount to equipment.
  • Several models (VBB, BVC AND E) have a base which allows them to be attached at a right angle or parallel to the mounting surface.
  • Compressed air propels the steel ball in an orbit, which creates the centrifugal force.
  • Suitable for operation in hazardous areas.
  • Ideal for atmospheres containing explosive dust, vapor or gas (must be activated by an explosion-proof valve to ensure safe operation in hazardous areas).
Ball vibrators require a quick-acting valve to start and stop. The valve can be a manual type, activated by hand, knee or foot. An electrically-controlled solenoid type valve activated by a switch or push button is also available. The valve should be located within ten feet of the vibrator(s).
The ball vibrators should be controlled through an FR (Filter-Regulator). The filter keeps the air clean and dry. The regulator allows adjustment of the air pressure, which in turn varies the force and frequency of vibration. Lubricated air is not required to operate ball vibrators, but is suggested for longer life.