Cleveland Vibrator Company
Rotary Electric Vibrators
Increased force output over previous model line. All units in the present line boast a much improved force-to-unit-weight ratio.
Lowest noise level of any type of rotary electric vibrator device. Average of 58 dbA at four feet.
Fully enclosed construction (TENV) is suited for use in dusty environments or outdoor applications.
Continuous duty design allows operation at maximum force setting in the worst environments, without the aggravation of periodic shut down.
Terminal box and cable designed to withstand vibration, dust and humidity. The terminal box itself is packed with a specially developed compound which is non-hardening and has high adhesion to protect the motor leads. The lead cable is an anti-vibration butyl rubber insulated, chloroprene cab tire cable which guarantees long life.
Long service life is insured through careful selection of the highest quality, permanently greased bearings with no maintenance. Some smaller rotary electric vibrators employ sealed ball bearings with a thrust load ball bearing for vertical mounting. All units using roller bearings are provided with external grease fittings.
Completely adjustable force output is accomplished with a simple mechanical adjustment on the eccentric weights. Some rotary electric vibrators on the market are limited to certain force outputs determined by a few "stops" or "settings." CVC units allow the eccentrics to be set at any point from 0% to 100% of full force output. Note: Units are preset at the factory to 40%.
Extra heavy construction and highest quality workmanship guarantee that the CVC line of rotary electric vibrators will take the punishment in many common industrial applications.
Additional features:
  • Full one year warranty
  • Four frequency ranges: 3600, 1800, 1200, 900
  • Horsepower ranges from 1/50 to 17 HP
  • Force outputs from 30 lb. to over 40,000 lb.
  • Over 50 models to choose from
  • Explosion-proof vibrators are available.
  • Ideal for vibratory feeders, screeners, grid and flat top compaction tables
Capacitor starter: A capacitor and overload protection for the single phase RES 0.5-2 through RES 6-2 are required. CVC can provide this accessory. The RES controller with built in capacitor allows for an easy method to start and stop our single-phase rotary electric vibrators. All components are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure.
RES Capacitor Starter