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Type 1
Complementing the Iris Diaphragm Valve, the Mucon Disc Valve is a radially pivoting isolation valve suitable for applications involving temperature and pressure.

Unlike many conventional slide valves, the disc valve does not jam or leak, due to its unique angled seat and floating disc arrangement. There are five bore sizes available with three main construction materials—aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. Pneumatic and hand-operated versions are available.

Customers have reported disc valves completing many thousands of operations before any attention is required.
The disc valve was born out of a specification for a valve which encompassed all the advantages found in slide and butterfly valves, but with none of the inherent disadvantages. A radially pivoted arm supports a free floating disc. The arm allows the disc to swing in an arc towards an angled seating face. The angled face ensures the disc only makes contact at the last moment, causing a mild wedging action.
Options include:

-Three materials of construction, including aluminum   alloy, cast iron and stainless steel (stainless steel not  available in 300mm bore)

-A variety of seal materials to suit the most arduous process or cleandown regimes

-A variety of shaft bearing materials

-Availability of various coatings for extreme applications

Type 2
The Second Generation Disc Valve is an advanced version, which allows the removal of the internal moving parts while the valve body remains in-situ. The inlet liner is separate and does not even have to be made from the same material as the valve body.
Disc Valve Features
-There are no slide guides to jam or collect product.

-The shaft is the only item that passes through the body casting and is easily sealed using a proprietary seal assembly.

-A dovetail groove in the seating face locates another proprietary seal ensuring a dust-tight closure.

-Pneumatic or hand operation is available to suit control system demands.

-A range of bore sizes is available from 100mm to 300mm, with the outlet always larger than the inlet, ensuring no product hang-up points internally.

-In-situ seal wear adjustment.

Disc Valve Benefits
-Non-jamming action
-100% product shut-off
-Long life, low maintenance
-Dust tight