Mucon Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

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Mucon butterfly valves provide you with a reliable, efficient and durable solution with stainless steel body and a wide range of accessories.
-Manual operated or with double-acting pneumatic actuator
-Silicone seal as standard - Other seals available
-316 stainless steel body and disc
-Standard finish: mirror polished disc and body internals
-Maximum working pressure: 2 bar
-Wide range of accessories including clamps and collars,     etc.
-Size range: 100mm to 300mm

-Non-jamming butterfly valve action
-Slim design
-Easy operation
-Easy to maintain - Suitable for dry foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pastes and some liquids

-Wide variety of valve configurations
-Ideal for frequent cleaning
-Quick disconnect facility on some models
-Flexible disc available on 100, 150 and 200mm sizes
-Multi-blade dosing valve available