Iris Diaphragm Valve – Series H

Mucon Valves

This low cost, compact valve has been fitted to many thousands of IBC's the world over. Its popularity with operators owes to its ease of operation, reliability and excellent regulation of discharge rates.
Aluminum alloy. Trigger and bearing segments are molded from nylon.
-Coated standard construction
-Additional notches for enhanced flow regulation
-Quick release transit cover for extra security during transportation
-Quick release adaptor for valve mounting

-Single diaphragm for dust-tight closure
-Simple construction suitable for materials up to 720 kg/m³
-In-situ diaphragm adjustment
-Hand operated
-Diaphragms to suit application
-Bore sizes from 100mm to 300mm

-Easy operation
-Dust-tight closure
-Excellent regulation of discharge rates

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