Iris Diaphragm Valve – Series K

Series K valves have been specifically designed for applications demanding the highest level of hygiene. Aimed specifically at the food and pharmaceutical markets, the K valve can be stripped down and cleaned in moments.
All body parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel as standard, with Acetal plastic control ring for reduced wear and white rubber molded diaphragms of natural rubber, EPDM and silicone, all manufactured from FDA approved materials.
-Hand, pneumatic or electrical actuation
-Molded diaphragm that extends fully from inlet to outlet, doubling as the valve's gasket
-Quick release or bolt mounting to suit requirements
-The use of plastic moving parts to ensure ease of operation and reduced maintenance
-Quick dismantling of body parts without the need for tools (hand operated units only)
-Bore sizes from 150mm to 250mm

-Only the diaphragm comes into contact with the product
-Unique fasteners for rapid disassembly
-Easy to clean
-Zero leakage

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