Iris Diaphragm Valve – Series JS

Mucon Valves

The Series JS Valve is specifically designed for fitting to "Big Bag" discharge stations to allow controlled product discharge from FIBC's.
Body parts are manufactured from aluminum and zinc. Aluminum with nylon triggers and stainless steel fasteners.
-Single diaphragm for dust-tight closure
-Designed specifically for FIBC's, suitable for materials up to 1200 kg/m³
-Concentric opening/closing for ideal flow characteristics
-Multi-notched body for maximum flow control
-Tapered valve inlet to prevent damage and aid flow
-Fabric diaphragms to ensure gentle but sure shut-off
-Robust construction
-Slim design
-Bore sizes of 300mm and 380mm

-Controlled product discharge
-Maximum flow control
-Dust-tight closure
-Gentle but sure cut-off

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